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Libraries NO.
Total compounds
4.4 Billion
Conditions NO.
Included with No Additional Cost
  • Sample processing at WuXi AppTec DEL platform
  • NGS & Sequencing alignment
  • Data summary report
Turn-around Time: 6 weeks
Add-on Service
  • Options to unlock data with structure
  • Data analysis training
  • Data analysis service from DEL professionals
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What is DELopen ?
DELopen is a platform connecting industry and academic research institutions to realize effective sharing of scientific research information and protection of intellectual property. Through this platform, researchers and institutions engaged in the development of new drugs with DEL technology can more quickly conduct early new drug development and expedite the development of results to commercialization as soon as possible.
How is DELopen beneficial to academics and non-profit research organizations?
Institutions interested in using the DELopen compound library for target screening can access libraries and perform affinity screening against billions of compounds with no cost or commitment. The structure information of the compound library and target information are confidential to both parties. After screening by the researcher, the experimental results are returned to the owner of the compound library for subsequent PCR / Sequencing. Once positive results are found, all parties can communicate with each other for further collaboration.
DELopen Scientific Advisory Board
The board will set the direction and guide the development of DELopen in its vision to advance the adoption of DNA encoded library technology in new drug discovery.
Richard Lerner
Institute Professor
Professor, Department of Chemistry, California
Phil Baran
Darlene Shiley Chair in Chemistry , Professor Department of Chemistry
Carolyn Bertozzi
Director, ChEM-H, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities
Raymond Dwek
Director of the Oxford Glycobiology Institute University of Oxford
What is the workflow of DELopen kit ?
How to complete a DEL screening
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What is in the DELopen Kit?
Selection Buffer Washing Buffer DEL library Post-selection Sample tubes User Handbook(Click to download)
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