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WuXi AppTec DELopen Kit
Only for Academic User
Provided by WuXi AppTec HitS
The Kit includes
  • Library number: 27
  • Diversity of compounds: 4.2 Billion
  • Experimental conditions: 4
Services with NO extra fee
  • Sample processing at WuXi AppTec DEL platform
  • NGS & Data deconvolution
  • Data summary report
Why is DELopen ?
DELopen provides free access to DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) for academic users and encourages an open, community-based approach to data sharing.

  • DELopen users are able to conduct affinity selection experiments in their own labs, and WuXi AppTec HitS is responsible for post-selection processing, sequencing and data analysis.
  • If proismising hits are identified and validated, users can choose to disclose their target in exchange for the chemical structures.
Our Scientific Advisory Board
DELopen platform is dedicated to the development and application of DEL technology in drug discovery, initiated by WuXi AppTec in conjunction with leading academic researchers.
With the support provided in this partnership we aim to bridge academia and industry and jointly promote the application of DEL technology in the field of new drug discovery.
----Richard Lerner

The Scientific Advisory Board chairman for DELopen
What is DELopen ?
What is inside ?
  • DEL Libraries 10ul*4
  • 4.2B compounds
  • 27 libraries
  • Buffer components
  • Imidazole
  • QC package
  • Returning tubes and stickers
Technical support

User manual with step-by-step instructions

Tutorial videos on affinity selection

Teaching lab in Boston, US and Suzhou, China

Service included
  • Sample quantitation by qPCR
  • PCR amplification
Sequencing |
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS)
Data analysis &
online platform
  • Decoding
  • Filter setting
  • Online data visualization platform
Lab Equipments
  • Gel electrophoresis & imaging system
  • Microcentrifuges
  • Rotators
  • Heaters
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